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Welcome to District Records Management

  • What is Records Management? 

    Records Management is the process of controlling records from their creation to their ultimate disposition. As the principal source of information, records constitute a vital administrative tool with which the work of an organization is accomplished.

    Why Records Management?

    Records are an asset, like human resources, financial resources, property, equipment, etc.  Records support the services we provide at every level. Records management contributes to organizational efficiency, both by reducing cost associated with the records themselves and by providing supporting documentation when it becomes necessary.

    Records Management services:

    • Control records creation and growth
    • Reduce operating expenses
    • Improve efficiency and productivity
    • Ensure regulatory compliance
    • Minimize litigation risks
    • Identify and protect vital information
    • Support better management decision making
    • Preserve the corporate memory

    Mission Statement:

    The mission of the District Records Management office is to develop, evaluate and implement a Records Management Program that will:

    • promote district-wide participation and accountability;
    • preserve the past, present and future records created and maintained by Fort Worth ISD;
    • guide the management, access, retention, storage, protection and disposition of the records;
    • provide consultative and operational assistance for all division and departments concerning their records retention and secure information management practices. 




  • District Records Management
    1324 Rockwood LN   Bldg #4
    Fort Worth, TX 76114
    P 817.814.2115

    Hours of Operation: 

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m

    Tuesday, Thursday 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.




    Lynda Jackson

    General Counsel

    Sylvia Medina

    Specialist Sr