Know The Plan


    The Safety and Security (S&S) Department is responsible for the overall safety of students, staff and visitors throughout the District and oversees all facets of security.  S&S encompasses many forms of security – law enforcement, security services, physical and technological security, and emergency management.   

    Security Personnel

    Boots on the ground staff in and around our schools and facilities include:

    • School Resource Officers (SRO) – enforce the laws of the cities of our schools’ locales (Fort Worth, Benbrook and Forest Hill)
    • Part-time peace officers – provides law enforcement services during sporting and special events
    • Area Advisors -direct liaisons for school administrators and campus monitors assigned in their pyramids
    • Campus Monitors – supervises students in the cafeteria, hallways, restrooms, school grounds, parking lots, etc.
    • Safety Officers – monitors and responds to safety issues related to bus transportation and bus stops
    • 24/7 Security Desk Staff – answers all calls for emergency assistance and provides around the clock monitoring of surveillance cameras
    • Contracted Security Services – patrols campuses and facilities after hours
    • K-9 unit – paws on the ground – provides dog inspection assistance

    Physical & Technological Security

    • Visitor Management System – prevents unsafe access to students and staff
    • Physical barriers such as security cameras, key card access, door locks and fencing

    Emergency Management

    Deals with all aspects of emergencies (mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery)

    • Mitigation – takes place before and after emergencies (activities that prevent an emergency, reduce the chance of an emergency happening or reduce the damaging effects of unavoidable emergencies)
    • Preparedness – before an emergency occurs (plans in place to save lives and help response and rescue operations; includes drills and reporting
    • Response – during an emergency (putting preparedness plans into action)
    • Recovery – after an emergency (actions to return to normal or safer situation


  • In the Event of An Emergency Dial 9-1-1 

    Safety & Security 
    Main 24-Hour Number 
    (817) 814-2680 

    After Hours Number 
    (817) 814-2699 

    Crime Stoppers 
    (817) 496-TIPS (8477) 

    Executive Director 
    (817) 814-2672 

    Cid Meadows 
    Director, Law Enforcement 
    (817) 814-2674 

    Edward McGinley 
    Coordinator, Emergency Management  
    (817) 814-2673 

    Shaun Burns 
    Supervisor, Campus Monitors  
    (817) 814-2678 

    Vanessa Galvan 
    Administrative Assistant & Police Dispatcher, School Resource Officer Unit 
    (817) 814-2670 

    Dominic Perez 
    Police Dispatcher, School Resource Officer Unit 
    (817) 814-2680