FInance meeting

Welcome to the Fort Worth Independent School District鈥檚 Financial Transparency Page. The Division of Business and Finance is responsible for the management of the District鈥檚 financial resources in a fiscally responsible and transparent manner.

黑洞社区 is committed to financial transparency. We embrace the聽values of accountability and transparency and view them as important tenets of ethical leadership, as well as legal compliance. We believe an open government is an accountable government

This page is designed to provide our taxpayers with clear and relevant financial information. This site is continually evolving as new information and reports become available.

The following summary data is from the Governmental Funds Statements in the District鈥檚 most recent Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports (ACFR) for the year ended June 30, 2023. The Governmental Funds include the District鈥檚 primary operating fund (i.e. the General Fund), Special Revenue Funds, Debt Service Fund and Capital Projects Funds. The District does not receive Sales Tax revenue. The District鈥檚 ACFRs in their entirety are located under Financial Documents.

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